30 days of clean eating – day 2

This morning was a blur – woke up to a sleepy son and a sick daughter, and I apparently have a cold. Oh well, soldiering forward.

One thing I noticed today, with the cold and probably from the lack of sleep (more lack than normal, about 4.5 hours) was that I was crazy hungry this morning. My butter coffee lasted for me until about 12:30, and then I ate lunch, as the stomach pain was just a bit over the top. Because of the late start to my fast last night, I was planning on not eating until 1:30, so I lost about an hour of fast. I doubt it will make a huge difference, but it’s disappointing.

I still haven’t (day 2, so…)incorporated a real exercise routine into my life yet. I have a standing desk at work, and that definitely helps, and I try to do squats and calf raises while I’m there working, but I need something concrete, and I have something fleshed out, I just need to implement the program. I think tomorrow, assuming everything is normalish at the house, will be a starting point.

Having lifted weights since high school, I always will emphasize the importance of muscle tone and development. Resting muscle increases basal metabolic rate, and weighted exercise improves blood pressure and posture, and truthfully, muscle just looks good and healthy. I’m not necessarily talking about being a hulked-out swool guy or gal, but if that’s your thing, then that’s sweet. The good news, particularly for women who would be weight lifting, is that significant muscle gains, in terms of mass, are difficult to do, even for men, and for women it takes a large caloric surplus and dedicated training. You only really have to gain confidence, health, and a better calorie-burning furnace from working out with weights.

Fast broken: 12:30 pm

1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp coconut oil
24 oz coffee

2 bratwurst burgers (Hyvee)
5 oz cheddar
small spinach salad with tomatoes, red onion, and ranch dressing

1 bratwurst burger (Hyvee)
3 strips bacon3 fat bombs
1 low carb wrap
2 tbsp ranch dressing

Calories: 2416
Fat: 211
Carbs: 54
Fiber: 15
: 86
Fast began @ 9:30

So, the take away from this day is better. I ate less in general, and dropped my carbs significantly. Had a SUPER fussy daugher-daddy cuddle fest so mom could get some sleep, so I had a few 9:15 fat bombs. Could have been worse, that’s for sure.
Today, despite my worsening cold, I feel pretty good. Energy is high and focus is pretty solid. This is compared to the last time I went into keto and felt like death warmed over for days into the start. I think making sure that I get enough micronutrients, particularly electrolytes, and particularly sodium, helps heaps. Those bratwurst burgers were on sale for a $1 each, so I bought in bulk, and they’re pretty salty, so my sodium is in check.
This is probably NOT an optimum food spread – I’m missing a lot of healthy foods – but for right now, it’s what works with what I’m trying to do in terms of breaking a sugar addiction and cutting carbs. I will gradually add in and speak on healthier foods that reach across the spectrum of healthy eating lifestyles – vegetarian, paleo/primal, and low carb.



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