30 days of clean eating – day 3

Day 3 – this is the hump day (for a lot of reasons, being that it’s Wednesday…ok for two reasons, I guess). Anyway, this is the 3 day hump of addictive processes. Usually if you can get over this third day, you will experience diminished cravings, and I know that today the only thing I really am craving is a diet cherry Pepsi, which I know will taste like chemical swill, but I think it’s latent low blood sugar calling. No exercise, but again, no sleep – baby girl was up until 1, and I was up until 2. Got up at 6, and still sick, went to work. Feel, honestly, pretty good, which is a surprise, but a pleasant one.

1.5 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp butter
24 oz coffee

2 cups spinach
2 roma tomatoes
4 tbsp sunflower seeds
4 tbsp bacon crumbles
1/2 cup tuna salad (tuna, dill relish, mayo)
1 (final) bratwurst burger
3 oz colby cheese

1 1/2 cups shredded cheese2 low carb wraps
4 tbsp ranch
2 tbsp guacamole
3 fat bombs


Fast began: 9:00 pm

Lack of sleep is beginning to catch up with me, I believe. I was ravenous when I came home from work, and so today my calorie intake spiked again, though my carb levels were reasonable. I obviously want them lower, but these numbers are a vast improvement over the previous few months.
Still rocking 4 hours a night, and still sick, (probably very related to not sleeping), so no exercise yet. I know, I know, but perhaps this will give me a good idea of how much I can lose this first week with no real strictness and no exercise. After this first week’s adjustment, I will reconfigure my macros, and start an exercise program this coming Monday. This will help me set parameters for the remainder of these 30 days, without adding to this first week’s irritations and adaptations.


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