30 days of clean eating – day 4

Hmm, did I mention, or place a caveat anywhere, that this was an exercise and wouldn’t be perfect? I didn’t? This is that, then.

For some reason today, and I’m blaming the cold for this, I was exceptionally hungry. It’s pretty easy to eat outside of your goals if you’re eating a lot of fat, and I keep doing that.

That said, I found a delicious treat and I think you’ll enjoy it – keto rootbeer floats! Ok, be astounded, here’s the ancient recipe, passed down by elder keto monks from the days of yore:

12 oz diet rootbeer
2 tbsp heavy cream
Ice? I guess?

It’s really, really good, and honestly it’s very reminiscent of a float where the ice cream has melted. I will be posting some variations, with and without alcohol ;), in another blog post this weekend. That’s when the booze fairy will visit the house.

In terms of overall feeling, I felt great (aside from being sick) tonight. I played with my son and had a great deal of energy. I feel like I’m inadvertently supplying the necessary electrolytes to avoid keto flu, or perhaps I’m just not completely adapted to ketosis, though scientifically you need to only stay under 100 grams a day to enter ketosis, though it will take longer, and I’ve been more or less under 50, or very close to that point.
Grocery shopping this weekend will allow me to gather more very-low-carb foods and prepare a menu that’s more “under 50” friendly, which of course I will share.

1.5 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp butter
24 oz coffee

2 sausage patties
3 oz cheese
1 morningstar farms griller

3 cups vegetarian chili (Boca crumbles, black beans)
1/2 cups shredded colby cheese
4 fat bombs
6 tbsp heavy cream
16 oz diet rootbeer

That’s it! It’s amazing, and addictive. I highly suggest trying it yourself.
Anyway, so yeah, I ate a lot of calories yesterday. Sticking with it though, of course, heading into the weekend. We’ll see how that goes!


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