30 days of clean eating – day 6

This morning, we were SUPPOSED to have breakfast with a friend, but we’ve been having a leak in the upstairs bathroom, so some roofers were going to come by this morning. Naturally, since it’s monsoon season here in the midwest (forever apparently) it rained, so we ended up going to brunch. My energy level has been pretty consistently high, which is good. Still tired, but feeling better in regards to the sickness I’ve been dealing with, though still chest-congested and coughing. The other aspects of it, however, are great.

Anyway, breakfast sounded good, but we went to Denny’s, and they had a prime rib cobb salad that looked amazing, and man, it was. 10/10, would order again. My son ate yogurt and bananas, and my daughter ate my friend’s shirt. Can’t FORCE keto on them, I guess. Dunno how many carbs there are in cotton.

None, actually. I was completely fasted until 11, when we ate, though I started my fast late last night, and this was an early break to it, I still wasn’t really that hungry until I was presented with the notion of food. The BIGGER victory here is that, as is our weekend custom, we went to Dunkin’ Donuts (fiance loves the muffins, and the kid eats bagels and cream cheese like a little New Yorker), and I didn’t eat anything. I got my coffee with the intention of making butter coffee, but didn’t, and even when my son didn’t finish his bagel, I didn’t eat any. Not a bit, which is a big deal for me because “everything” bagels with cream cheese are like delicious crack from God. This was a great exercise in willpower, because since I broke my initial 5 month streak of low(ish) carb eating, I make an excuse EVERY saturday to carb up and then it ruins my induction, and then I eat garbage for days straight. I actually broke the cycle today, and I’m pretty happy about that fact.

Prime rib cobb salad w/ranch from Denny’s (this was amazing, by the way)
Half a burger, no bun

Keto pizza, topped with garlic butter, blue cheese crumbles, and sliced roma tomatoes
Small salad with spicy dressing, tomatoes, and shredded cheese

Calories: 3566
Fat: 242
Carbs: 54
Fiber: 17


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