30 days of clean eating – day 7

:Well, today was the end of the first week. I ate well (carb-wise) but I slipped back into old habits, as we were woefully unprepared for this weekend in terms of groceries or meal plans. Pretty gross but this week was still significantly better than pretty much every other this year. I didn’t binge, I had no carb-up meals, though I ate some foods I wouldn’t/shouldn’t have, and I actually ate reasonably healthy every day, with some outliers. Having restocked the kitchen, I am prepared to start tomorrow as an induction. That is, I will restrict my carbs to 25g or less as much as possible, and focus on eating only whole foods.

I proved that I could jump back on the horse and get things done, so tomorrow I will (try) to add in some exercise, something simple:

3-4×12 dumbbell chess press
3-4×8-10 dumbbell rows
100 bodyweight squats throughout the day

I will also weigh back in and take my measurements again.

I’ll also start blogging non-this related stuff, like actual keto information.

Calories: 4059 (eep!)
90Fiber: 21
Protein: 196


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